I'm David Jackson a former professional rugby player, now master instructor with the Oxygen Advantage and professional strength and conditioning coach. Having coached multiple Paralympic and world champion athletes both physically and mentally to reach their true potential. I use the power of the breath to transformer the way you think, feel, move and perform.


Learn how to use the breath as a powerful 'tool' to control our stress response through control of the nervous system.


Understand and learn techniques that have been scientifically proven to help reduce and manage stress.


Develop increased focus and improved concentration through the power of the breath.


Learn how to use scientifically proven breathing techniques to improve the quality and depth of sleep helping your employees feel more refreshed each morning.

What corporates say about breath training...

Learning how my breathing affects my stress levels was a real eye opener for me. I noticed a change immediately around how much less anxious I felt and how relaxed my body felt after just a few of the exercises. I feel empowered that in my breath I know I have a 'tool' that can help me manage my stress response.
The sessions with Jacko were both educational and enjoyable. To feel the difference that better breathing had on both my body and mind was great, but better still was how simple he made it, so simple I'm confident I can use the 'breathing tools' myself anytime.
The session you did with my leadership team was quite incredible! We had been in the midst of quite a heated discussion when you joined, and having the breathing break part way through returned us to a much calmer and more productive debate.

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Our breath training for corporates can cover anything from stress manage and axixety tools to improving cognition and focus and much more...
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