Ultra Marathon Running Tips & Lessons

Dec 5 / Jacko
At the beginning of September 2022 I took part in my first multi-day ultra-marathon. The 'Ring O Fire' is a formidable 135 mile, 3 day life changing event.

The purpose of this blog is to be 100% honest about the mistake I made and the lessons I learned so that you can either be better prepared for any challenges like this you decide to take on, and/or not have to go through the pain I did to learn these life changing lessons.
I've promised to be 100% honest and vulnerable with you about the mistake I made, and I made some huge mistakes! One major thing I learned was that I was totally underprepared and out of my depth when we reached the morning of day 3, but there were many more lessons learned across the 3 days.

Some lessons I feel have great context outside of the challenge of a running event and are much more life lessons that the running event exposed because I was so physically and emotionally 'broken' by the physical challenge. Other lessons are more practical lessons that you can hopefully learn from to be better prepared for any type of endurance event that is potentially going to push you outside your comfort some.

So, I've broken these lessons down into two parts and have a YouTube video (vlog style) for each of the parts. Part one is more based on the top level lessons I learned that are wider than simply the practical tips I'd recommend for you. And then part two is more about the practical tips and advise that I hope will help those of you wanting to take part in similar endurance events and challenges.

Thank you for reading and watching the videos. I hope the experience and lessons I learned can help you too. I'd love to hear from you, what you thought and also what advice you might also be able to add if you have your own experience of these types of events. You can comment on the YouTube videos or connect in the community here at Pro Breathwork.

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Ultra-Marathon Lessons - Part 1

Ultra-Marathon Lessons - Part 2


Short film documentary of the Ring O Fire ultra-marathon.
Private screening at Broadway Cinema Nottingham, Breath Training session with Jacko, Q+A and charity raffle.
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