Why I'm so passionate about Breathwork

Hey, I'm Jacko.

I'm passionate about teaching breathwork because it both changed and saved my life.

I know we hear that phrase too often don't we and it makes me feel a little strange saying it, but quite literally in 2013 I had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that changed my life.

I'd been a professional rugby player for 13 years and had a series of concussions that accumulated dangerously to the point i had a seizure on the training pitch and a scan later show a bleed on the brain and scar tissue.

I went for years without understand the affect that injury to my brain had on my breathing. And that's one of the difficult things about improving our breathing. It's automatic and happens on it's own, often we don't  even notice it. It can mean we don't notice when it becomes dysfunctional and a problem for us.

I was lucky. Lucky in two ways.

One, I found the Oxygen Advantage and over a number of year re-train my breathing to restore it's functional which improves oxygen supply to the brain to help it recover and down-regulate a 'stressed' nervous system.

Two, the stress that affected my breathing was very severe and dramatic. I had a seizure, a bleed on the brain, it took my over a year to recover from my classic post concussion syndrome symptoms. It was clear I need to look at all aspect of my brain and nervous system health. Of which breathing is a key underpinning foundation, fortunately which we can choose to consciously control and improve.

But for many people the stress is not so dramatic. It's often not even noticeable. It goes under the radar and builds up gradually over time. Affecting our nervous system and our breathing as a result.

Our breathing can teach us so much about 'how we are actually doing' on a physiological level, as well as the 'tool' we can use to improve our physiology and ultimately our health.

The best thing for me about teaching it, after year of developing my understanding, is that you can make it really quite simple to get the basics right and build a life changing foundation of your breathing in just a few weeks.

It's changed my life and 1000's of people I've worked with or taught as a Master Instructor and mentor with the Oxygen Advantage, or those that have followed my online courses and videos.

The basics of breathing and the power it can have to change your life I passionately feel are a basic human need. We should be taught this at school as the first thing we ever learn. But we don't.

That's why I have made my 'Foundations of Breathing' online course at ProBreathwork.com and on the ProBreathwork App completely free and accessible to everyone.

You may have signed up to the free course already BUT if you haven't yet I want to make you aware of the free course as it just might change your life too.

If you have any questions as you work through the course you can message on instagram @jacko.david.jackson or email info@probreathwork.com

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope that you benefits as much as I've done from re-training my breathing with these techniques.



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